July 3rd-9th

Not much to report this week.

We purchased a new premier one sheep fence off of Facebook marketplace. We now have 5 portable fences which we continue to use until we finish our permanent fencing. We often look to marketplace or kijiji, especially for needs around the farm. So long as it’s in good condition why spend the full price to buy new.

We spent a lot of time with week focused on family. We started off the week travelling to Tyne Valley to the Green Park Shipbuilding Museum and Yeo House. Friday, we took advantage of the half price tickets to Shining Waters – definitely recommend going during the CBMF there were about half the amount of people that are normally there and we had no waits to go on the water slides. For the weekend we were scheduled to go to NS to visit family and pick up supplies for the barn build, unfortunately it got derailed by illness but we decided to make the trip anyway since we were already at the ferry when we got word. We visited friends in the morning and spent the afternoon at the Shubenacadie Wildlife Park, it was nice to have a little spontaneous trip away.

When we purchased this property in 2015 we dreamed about trail riding horses on the adjacent farm road. I finally made that dream reality on Sunday with my new mare, Bella.

Matt has been incredibly busy with work, so instead of projects and growth we have been focused on maintenance around the property there will be room for all the projects next month 🙂