July 10th-16th


Our little garden looks phenomenal!! The eggplants and peppers in the greenhouse are abundant, still yet to harvest but there are so many growing with more blooms everyday. The melons in the greenhouse are in full bloom too, but I’ve yet to notice any melons growing. The raised beds are doing very well, earwigs hit my beans really hard but I over seeded the bare spots and knock on wood everything is coming along now. Zucchini and cucumber are growing, tomatoes are growing, onion and leeks are growing, it’s a wonderful season.

We tarped off a section of the new garden to kill off all weeds. It is working, but is slower than I expected. We’ll likely have to leave the tarp on until August and then we’ll till the area and re-tarp until next Spring.

Hay Season 

Hay season has finally begun on PEI. We have a total of 122 square bales in temporary storage. We’ll be sourcing round bales and moving the square bales to the barn once its completed. We expect to need about 15 round bales on top of what we already have to get through the Winter with our horse, pony, 2 calves and 7 sheep. We will be keeping all animals on grass for as long as possible, historically grass season ends in late November but we might be able to get by into December if it’s mild.


I was finally able to have my follow up ultrasound this week, after the surgeon found a mass on my gallbladder during my hysterectomy surgery in May. I was incredibly surprised at the speed of my results, I had the ultrasound on Thursday and the nurse called with results on Friday! Fortunately my gallbladder scan was good and there’s no need for surgical removal at this time. Unfortunately, they found some issues starting with my liver, but it can be controlled with diet and lifestyle. So, now I have a renewed motivation for eating well and losing the weight that’s been gained during the hormone therapy, stress and babies. I’m grateful that I am now fully recovered from surgery and it’s the middle of Summer, so absolutely no excuses to not move my body.